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I write, it is my passion. My most recent book is ‘From Writer to Author’ a walk through on how to edit and present your finished manuscript to a publisher. I have five western novels, working on my sixth, and much more available.


Western Fiction Review Blog


Your book must be printed–complete—a real book, and it must be family-friendly to be considered for a WesternFictionReview.

To request a review please send a concise description of your book, the ISBN number, your publisher’s name and complete mailing address, the books release date and a short description. We’d like to know if your book is hardcover or paperback, its price, how many pages it has and who your distributors are. It also helps to know something about the author. Please send this request in an email to


Monticello Florida Arts Blog

Located in the heart of north Florida, Historic Monticello is a growing and thriving community of the arts. Monticello welcomes actors, dancers, musicians, painters, novelists, sculptors, woodcarvers, weavers, poets, puppeteers, historians, photographers and other artists and artisans with enthusiastic appreciation. Many artists come here to perform or show their work and decide to become a welcome member of our thriving arts community.


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