Grant Writing Classes by Anne Holt

Make money for your non-profit with Grant Writing Classes
by Dr. Anne Holt

Anne Holt offers a three-hour grant writing seminar based on her book

Learn to write the nine critical parts of a fundable grant proposal

1. Create goals and objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely

2. Craft a problem statement showing why the project is needed and where the evidence for that need was derived—do your research

3. Present clear evidence that the applicant organization has the capacity to carry out the project if funded
4. Describe the methodology to be used–and why it is appropriate for the proposed project

5. Offer an explanation of how project impacts will be evaluated and measured—whether evaluation will be in-house or by consultant

6. Contact and build working agreements with one or more partners. Show clearly how each partner will strengthen your effort

7. Create a budget with required match, justified with enough detail to show it will be adequate for the proposed methods

8. Explain the sources of funding that will sustain the project after the grant is expended

9. Draft a 1/3 page summary that leads off the proposal but should not be written until all other sections have been completed

Apply what you learn to small local grants first, then seek larger, more comprehensive grant funding from state and national funders.